Loans & loans to university students exist without guarantees and without a paycheck for the academic year. 2018 2019

Are there student loans in 2019?

Are there student loans in 2019?

Let’s start the post with the most important of the questions, which, in our case, is for university students? The answer is positive: of course, there are loans for university students! However, we must pay attention to the student as well as the parents of the same that not all the loans granted to students are worthy of being… university students, as we speak of an army of young people who in most cases has one thing in common: they are unemployed, indeed they do a job (studying) that not only does not produce an income but involves an economic outlay for those who assists him (maintenance of studies). With this premise, let’s see what is the true form of credit granted to university students and how it works.

Funding for university students : we can say that every bank or financial institution now has its product intended for university students… but all that glitters is not gold! Most lenders incorporate, incorporate into their financial product phrases and phrases that have to do with academia. Thus, we find names of financial products where alongside the dicutura loan or financing we will find for example adjectives, verbs, nouns, etc. such as “studies”, “studying”, “ad honorem”, “honor”, “praise”, “trustee”, “school” etc.

The problem is that, contacted the bank or financial, in most cases they want a guarantee or a third party guarantor, usually a parent or relative (grandfather, brother, uncle…) and that the facilitation for the student ‘at most is in the interest rate.

University student loan with guarantor or guarantees?

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No! The request for a guarantee, distorts the ratio of university funding: to trust those young people who have come of age for a few years! That is, the presence of a third guarantee allows anyone to get funded, not only university students… Do you think that even a subject, bankrupt, protested or foreclosed will be regularly financed if he has guarantees. Ultimately, the message of a bank asking for a guarantee to a student is that of it doesn’t matter if you are a bad payer or a student… give us a guarantee and we will finance you anyway. In the final analysis, there is, in fact, a “equalization” between a young, very young student and a bad payer who will still be financed on the condition that they present a third guarantee! We repeat: this is not the real financing for university students! The real formula of credit is that of loans to university students without guarantees and without income or paycheck ! Let’s see it.

How college student loans work without collateral: they work through opposite university conventions ! But most of the agreements are between banks and individual universities. How do they work? The bank grants the capital, that is, the sum loaned, the universities guarantee for the students by taking on the interest expenses, then paying them to the bank that provided the loan. What happens if the student does not pay the loan? So if he has real estate, it can be attacked.

If he is “nullatenente”, as is logical, they cannot do anything to him. However, the failure to pay the installments entails something that is worse than the aggression of his possible assets: the enrollment of the student in a blacklist like Crif. A 20-25 year old probably does not know what Crif is… Well, let’s say that it represents a sort of “financial death” which those who have not paid any kind of financing go through. The consequence of being registered will be that of having difficulties in obtaining new funding in the future. Think of the post graduation period, for example, to finance a PhD, or a start up or a mortgage to buy a house etc.

For these reasons, it is good that the student (or parents if the payment starts during the course of studies) is always punctual in paying the loan installment. We end the whole discussion by indicating a resource from which to find a series of institutions and banks that provide loans for university students without income and without a paycheck or additional guarantees for the academic year. 2018 2019: loans and loans to university students without guarantees